Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One Year


I know I'm late.  I've been busy chasing you around the house.  You're pretty fast, Mater!

Yes, we still call you that.  You have the same gap between your two front teeth as your Mama.  I love it.  It's something I can see and smile because it makes you feel like mine.  I see it a lot because you are always smiling and laughing.  You laugh at your big brother and sister as they race through the house.  You laugh at your Daddy when he tickles you.  You laugh at me when I hide under the covers in my bed and then pop out at you.  Your laughs are a constant soundtrack to our lives.

You don't have much to say yet.  You'll come looking for me and say "Mama!" if you're happy or "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA" in a pitiful wail if something has annoyed you.  You'll grin and walk to your Daddy while saying "Da..da.da..da..dadadaDADADADA!" because he is just so cool.  If he annoys you then you just screech.

And screech you can!  If you're unhappy then you let us know PRONTO.  These teeth are bothering me!  I fell down!  Sister took my toy!  I'm dirty!


Cripes, you're a diva.

You've been walking since December.  Scratch that...you walk everywhere at home and then we go places and tell people "She's such a good walker!" and then you go all noodle-legs on us like you've never taken a step in your life.


You're still my baby.  That thumb rarely leaves your mouth.  You are a thumb-sucker, Mei.  It's OK.  I think you look precious.  Of course, I would rather you refrain from sucking your thumb while I'm feeding you oatmeal but that's another discussion altogether.

My favorite time is when you cuddle to my chest, jam your thumb in your mouth and hum.  It's almost like a purr.  You are perfectly content to just cuddle and let me hold you.  There are days where tears run down my face as I hold your little body and feel your downy fine curls with my fingers as I sing to you.  It's the most healing and wonderful thing I can imagine.

I know that there's a lot going on right now.  Sister is taking up a lot of attention and Brother is being a buttheaded 2-year old.  You are a beam of sunshine in all of this.  You make me smile on the worst of days with your sweet kisses and proud applause.  I could cuddle you and twirl my finger around your curls for hours while you hum around the thumb in your mouth.

I love you, Curly Bear.

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