Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Familial Follies

  • We've had a wave of stomach virus descend upon the house. It seemed to skitter over the adults and Sophie, backslap Gideon a little and then hug Milly like a swaddle blanket. Oy, the diapers that child has produced! It seems to be waning. Meanwhile, I just hold my breath when she wants to cuddle.

  • Sophie's potty training is pretty much the same. She still poops in her panties and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way until we can communicate a little better. She will go potty in other places and can tell people when she needs to go. Today, as we were all getting a little bit of fresh air, I noticed her coming up our long driveway out of the corner of my eye. I was watching Milly to make sure she didn't eat weeds. I looked up and there was my beautiful big girl...with her pants and panties around her ankles asking to go inside to the potty. We may need to work on proper timing.

  • Gideon can't seem to decide if he wants to take naps or not. I know he still needs a little nap each day because he turns into a werewolf at 5:45 if he doesn't have one. I never know what will happen when I put him down. Will he meekly lay down and gently fall asleep only to be awaked by me in an hour when he nestles his sweaty little head on my shoulder? Will he swing his Donald Duck doll around his head while caterwauling and jumping on the crib like a trampoline for an hour? NO ONE KNOWS.

  • We have new musical tastes. Sophie loves dancing to Ricky Martin. Milly sing-screeches and dances to Ozzy Osborne. Gideon sits quietly and rocks his head while smiling whenever Beck plays. My kids are cool.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finding My Peace

Before the throne of God above
I have a strong, a perfect plea
A great high Priest whose Name is Love
Who ever lives and pleads for me

God formed me. He knows me better than anyone else on this earth. He alone will meet all of my needs. He alone will love me perfectly. I will find peace, satisfaction and will never be lonely as long as I stay close to Him.

My name is graven on His hands
My name is written on His heart
I know that while in heaven He stands
No tongue can bid me thence depart
No tongue can bid me thence depart

Wherever I go and no matter what I do, God will love me unconditionally. He will never turn his back on me. If I feel distance from Him then it is because I have turned from Him.

When Satan tempts me to despair
And tells me of the guilt within
Upward I look and see Him there
Who made an end to all my sin

I will be bruised. I will be thrown. I will be hurt. Sometime it will be life. Some of these things will be my own fault. Whatever I have done and whatever I will do is already forgiven. Satan lies. I am still important. I am still His child. There is no reason to give up on God because He will never give up on me.

One with Himself I cannot die
My soul is purchased by His blood
My life is hid with Christ on high
With Christ my Savior and my God

With Christ my Savior and my God

My life, my soul, was paid for at an incredibly high cost. Something that I cannot even begin to fathom. It is eternal. It can never be changed. From the time I accepted that gift at 10 years old, my fate was sealed.

Behold Him there the risen Lamb
My perfect spotless righteousness
The great unchangeable I am
The King of glory and of grace

My Savior, my Father, My King is perfect. I am not and can never hope to be. Yet He still wants me. He yearns to be near me and for me to follow Him.

Because the sinless Savior died
My sinful soul is counted free
For God the Just is satisfied
To look on Him and pardon me
To look on Him and pardon me

I am ugly and covered in sin. I am human. Yet, when God looks at me, He sees nothing but the purity of the sacrifice made in my stead. It must be a choice. He can still see the real me. He created the real me. He chooses to see the sacrifice instead and pardon my sins. Then He can be free to hold me close.

How can I deny this? How can I look at humans to meet my needs when I have a perfect God who is not just able but willing and eager to love me more than I can expect?

Lyrics - Before The Throne of God by Sojourn

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love and Respect

"So each husband should love his wife as much as he loves himself, and each wife should respect her husband."
Ephesians 5:33 CEV 

My church, Lake Pointe, has been doing a new message series called Fixing Your Marriage. The first message was given by Steve Stroope and was centered around this verse. He called the message "The Foundation of Love and Respect".

That Sunday, I had gone to church with Sophie and left Ben at home with a sick Milly and an iffy Gideon. I sat alone in the service listening to Steve talk about how women and men need different things on which to feel "sturdy" in their marriage. He likened it to how we as humans can go for 3 days without food but only 3 days without water.

In marriage, a woman's water is love and a man's water is respect.

This hit me hard and made me listen very close. I knew that men and women were different. Heck, I learned that lesson back in elementary school when the boy I liked acted like a jerk to me and expected me to figure it out that it meant that he liked me back! (Boys are WEIRD.) I just thought that once we hit a certain age that everyone needed love. It's true that we all need love but men feel loved in a different way. They need to know that they are respected. They feel this way in their jobs, by their children and especially by their wives.

Disrespect from a wife can crush a man. Did you know that we hold that kind of power?

Unfortunately, I had no idea how to speak that language. I know my husband's Love Language but how does that translate into respecting him? Is it the same? Is it made of actions or is it done with words? If broken does it take years to repair or can I apologize and fix it with immediate action?

It made me nervous. This is the foundation we're talking about here. I live in a tiny rental house with horrible foundation problems that affect EVERY SINGLE THING in the house. The doors don't close correctly, the plumbing is wonky, the tile gets more crooked every day, the paint is cracked, and so on. When I think about this in regards to my marriage then I get very concerned.

So I went to God. We're still talking it over and rolling out some new programs. There seems to be good feedback. I'm grateful for that message.

How do you show respect to your husband? Does he know what he needs? Can you ask him? Are you showing it now?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Delicate Little Flowers

We got a present in the mail yesterday. My MIL had made a framed cross-stitch for Milly just as she had done for Sophie years ago.  Both are beautifully done. My MIL is extremely talented.

Sophie's has her first name in English and in Greek. The verse is 1 Timothy 3:15 and was chosen because "Sophia" means "wisdom" in Greek. Her name is surrounded by cherry blossoms because her middle name is Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom tree.

We named Milly "Millicent Mei" because we wanted the girls to have somewhat similar name meanings. "Millicent" means "brave strength" in Old French. "Mei" means "the youngest of sisters" and "beautiful" in Japanese. What we had neglected to notice was that there was a blossom hidden in our littlest girl's name, too.
First, I love that my MIL chose one of my favorite verses for Milly. Proverbs 31 is perfect for her because it references that strength that her first name means but it also tells about her smile. My MIL even put a sun on the picture. Ben and I have said time and time again that Milly's smiles are like sunshine in the darkest of night. Second was the flower. Mailed with this beautiful picture were printouts explaining the flower.
Apparently, when the sakura trees are sleeping, the plum trees are blooming. Japanese plum trees are called "Mei".

So these are my sweet flowers. My Sophia Sakura and my Millicent Mei. They blossom at different times so our lives are always filled with beautiful blooms.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm tired and I have a headache. Enjoy this lazy picture post!

Gideon practicing his accounting skills.

While I was doing laundry, Gideon demanded to wear his Daddy's shirt.

"You've got a friend and a breakfast buddy in me!"

Such a lady.

Watching ARCA racing intently with Daddy.

She's hiding. You can't see her.

Milly likes Abby Cadabby.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Little Things

Yesterday was tough.

There was bad news from friends and family swirling through my head.

Sophie had 2 poop "accidents" even though she knows what to do. I couldn't correct her because the meltdown was too close to the surface.

Milly was still cranky and feverish from the shots she got the day before.

Gideon was just wild and wanted attention that I couldn't give.

The laundry was threatening to eat us alive.

The kitchen was almost bare.

When Ben got home, I was breathing hard so that I wouldn't cry or scream in front of the kids. He took over and I ran to the car. I cranked up the music and screamed as I drove to the library. Feeling a little better, I plugged my ears with my music and got new books. Then I filled up the car with gas and went to Target. I plugged my ears again and went to get some basics. After picking up some Pull-ups for Sophie (at least we don't need very many!) I took a path back to the grocery section through the shoes.

They were there.

2 pairs left.  On clearance. Fifty percent off.

One pair was my size. They came home with me because they made me smile.

Some days just call for pink sequined Converse shoes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Family Picnic

Thanksgiving Trip 2011

All a Part of the Body

God ask His people to obey in all different ways.  Some people teach and some people preach.

(I promise this whole post won't rhyme.)

He calls me to pray.  A lot.  Sometimes I'll have specific prayers and sometimes I'll wander around the house just thinking about someone until they take up all of my brain space.  Then I stand still until I understand that God wants me to pray for them for a reason that only He knows.  I really like having specifics and watching to see the Lord work.

I'm working on a new way to remember my prayers.  I'm writing them on note cards and putting them up in places where I find myself standing during the day.  There will be some over the sink in the kitchen where I wash dishes and some on my bathroom mirror.  This should also help me to always be ready to talk to the Lord at any time.

Right now I'm praying for:

  • 3 beautiful ladies to be blessed with children
  • 4 people to be blessed with partners
  • comfort on one going through a divorce
  • comfort on a family who lost a loved one
  • 2 ladies fighting diseases that seem insurmountable
  • 4 ones who need the Lord in their hearts
  • friends going through moving stresses
This is in addition to 3 people that God has put on my heart and I have no idea why.  So I just pray that God works however He needs to.

I take requests.  I love to talk to my God.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Homer to my Marge

"Don't make me laugh!  We're supposed to be gazing lovingly at each other!"
First memory is the Koresh countdown you kept on your binder in 8th grade Algebra.

First kiss on the volleyball court at my church in 8th grade while the Beach Boys played in the background.

Found each other on MySpace in 2006.  Both just assumed we would marry.  It was logical.

Married on May 25, 2007; 10 years after we graduated high school, 30 years after the original Star Wars came out in theaters, and on Towel Day.

Stared at each other and 2 lines on a stick in disbelief on June 25, 2007.

January 17, 2008 brought Sophie.
June 26, 2009 brought Gideon.
January 19, 2011 brought Milly.

1 apartment and 2 houses.  2 moves while I was pregnant and both during Thanksgiving / Christmas holidays.

Bills, surgeries, job losses, new cars, car trips, diapers, taxes, grey hairs and cellulite.

You're still that boy in the backwards San Antonio Spurs hat that makes me laugh right before you kiss me.

Happy Valentines Day, beloved.

"I shimmy with joy!"

One Year


I know I'm late.  I've been busy chasing you around the house.  You're pretty fast, Mater!

Yes, we still call you that.  You have the same gap between your two front teeth as your Mama.  I love it.  It's something I can see and smile because it makes you feel like mine.  I see it a lot because you are always smiling and laughing.  You laugh at your big brother and sister as they race through the house.  You laugh at your Daddy when he tickles you.  You laugh at me when I hide under the covers in my bed and then pop out at you.  Your laughs are a constant soundtrack to our lives.

You don't have much to say yet.  You'll come looking for me and say "Mama!" if you're happy or "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA" in a pitiful wail if something has annoyed you.  You'll grin and walk to your Daddy while saying "Da..da.da..da..dadadaDADADADA!" because he is just so cool.  If he annoys you then you just screech.

And screech you can!  If you're unhappy then you let us know PRONTO.  These teeth are bothering me!  I fell down!  Sister took my toy!  I'm dirty!


Cripes, you're a diva.

You've been walking since December.  Scratch that...you walk everywhere at home and then we go places and tell people "She's such a good walker!" and then you go all noodle-legs on us like you've never taken a step in your life.


You're still my baby.  That thumb rarely leaves your mouth.  You are a thumb-sucker, Mei.  It's OK.  I think you look precious.  Of course, I would rather you refrain from sucking your thumb while I'm feeding you oatmeal but that's another discussion altogether.

My favorite time is when you cuddle to my chest, jam your thumb in your mouth and hum.  It's almost like a purr.  You are perfectly content to just cuddle and let me hold you.  There are days where tears run down my face as I hold your little body and feel your downy fine curls with my fingers as I sing to you.  It's the most healing and wonderful thing I can imagine.

I know that there's a lot going on right now.  Sister is taking up a lot of attention and Brother is being a buttheaded 2-year old.  You are a beam of sunshine in all of this.  You make me smile on the worst of days with your sweet kisses and proud applause.  I could cuddle you and twirl my finger around your curls for hours while you hum around the thumb in your mouth.

I love you, Curly Bear.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Street

Lining up the troops.

Monday Brain Dump

I am one tired Mama.

I'm watching the monsters run around and act out the Minnie Red Riding Hood episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and thanking God for On Demand.  Where was that when I was little and wanted to watch my favorite episode of Sesame Street?

Ugh.  Kids these days.  Back in my day we had to use our imaginations to make a forest into an Ewok village and suffer through the Shemp episodes.  We learned to watch and like the commercials.

I think I'm going to need to go get my nose ring and my pink / red hair streaks just to balance out that comment.

I'm still in the mood for good action movies.  Good blow-em up stuff. Any suggestions?  Funny action is even more appreciated.  Like Red.  That movie was awe-to-the-some.

I got a day out with my bestie this Saturday and had a blast.  I came home with a bag of clothes in a size smaller than what I usually wear and chocolate bath stuff.  We also had fun making each other laugh until we cried and getting a little too loud in public.  I'm pretty sure at least 4 people thought we were drunk.

I sound like Amy Farrah Fowler when I call her my bestie.  I'm pretty sure this means I need a tiara.

Sophie RAN to the potty this morning and went potty for her Sunday School teachers yesterday.  It's sinking in!  Now if she'll just stop pooping in her pants.  That would be nice.

Milly has a cold, teeth coming in and had a really poopy diaper this morning.  Poor miserable baby.  She needed extra cuddling.

Gideon is finally over his cough.  The asthma makes me nervous every time he gets a cold.  I feel like I can breathe a little easier, too.

Lifechurch.tv is starting a series on Samson.  I'm very intrigued.

Lake Pointe just started a series on Fixing Your Marriage.  The first message was yesterday and hasn't been posted yet.  When it is then you should watch it.  It was REALLY good.

All done.  Time for laundry.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellow Means I'm Happy!

Daddy and his colorful girl.

Line, Please?



Ben and I have accepted Sophie's diagnosis.  Now we're attacking it like the geeks we are; by reading everything available and studying like we're two weeks away from a final exam.  Sophie has not yet had her evaluation by a Special Ed teacher because she needs some medical tests done first.  Until then, we're trying some things we've read about.

Sophie uses something called echolalia. She hears us say something and can't process or understand it so she just repeats the last thing we said.

Ben:  "I love you, Sophie!"
Sophie: (just repeating) "I love you, Sophie!"

Sophie also uses "scripts" to describe how she is feeling or what she wants.  She usually takes these from her favorite TV shows; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,  Imagination Movers and Sesame Street.

Sophie:  "Whassa matter?"
Meaning:  "Something is wrong!"
Origin:  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Doctor Daisy, M.D."

Ben and I have been watching and listening to Sophie to see how she uses language and scripts.  We've been trying to modify how we speak to her and see if she responds.

Ben:  (pointing at himself) "I love you, Sophie!"  (pointing at her) "I love you, Daddy!"
Sophie:  (understanding her line) "I love you, Daddy!"

Now Sophie will come up to me with a grin and say "I love you, Mama!" because she knows that I'm supposed to say "I love you, Sophie!" back to her.  She no longer needs the prompt.

We're working on some more scripts for when she's hungry, tired or needs something.  Basically, we're teaching her how to use pronouns correctly which makes her connect to herself and others the right way.

It's a lot of work but Sophie catches on quickly.  We're already thinking of some flash card ideas and games that we can play.  We also use dialog from Mickey Mouse to see what's going on.  God knew what he was doing when he put me in theater and made it easy for me to learn a lot of lines!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Memories are now Nightgowns

Wearing Daddy's old Quest shirt.

Music Therapy

One of my girlfriends wrote a post about how music affects her. I love how she describes how the music envelops her and is able to soothe her fears. Music brings her back to the past and she is now adding new memories to color those same songs. She ends with a list of her favorites. I thought it would be fun to give myself the same challenge. Music affects me the same way. When my babies are upset, my first response is to sing to them. When I'm happy, I crank up the music in the car to dangerous levels. (And hopefully remember to crank the volume down before my husband drives the car again.)  I tweaked her categories for me.
  1. My All Time Fave - Carry on My Wayward Son Kansas
  2. Fave Religious - Before the Throne of God Above Selah
  3. Fave Classical - Brahms Requiem (ORIGINAL GERMAN, PLEASE.)
  4. Fave Love Song - Love Petra
  5. Fave Christmas Song - One Small Child   
  6. Fave Weird Al Yankovic - Trigger Happy
  7. Sophie's Lullaby - Slumber, My Darling Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss
  8. Gideon's Lullaby - La, la, Lu from Lady and the Tramp
  9. Milly's Lullaby - Goodnight, My Angel Celtic Woman
  10. Fave Soundtrack - Blues Brothers
  11. Fave Score (YES, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!) -Braveheart
  12. Fave Workout - Black Betty Ram Jam
  13. Fave Feel Like a Bada$$ - Supermassive Black Hole Muse
  14. Fave Musical - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  15. Will Always and Forever Make Me Smile - Nightswimming R.E.M. 
  16. When I Need to Get Angry - Faint Linkin Park
  17. When I Need To Cry - Winter Tori Amos
  18. When I Need to Dance - She Bangs Ricky Martin (shut up.)
  19. To Cover with My All Girl Punk Band - Breed Nirvana
  20. Our Song - Look Around Blues Traveler

Friday, February 10, 2012

Princess Bride

My insano-beautiful sister. This is why I always feel I should be introduced as the Sister with the Good Personality.

Mommy's Little Genius

Gideon loves to play with any and all of our computer devices.  One of his first words was "Apple".

Not the fruit.  He was pointing at the logo on the back of the laptop.

He's texted gibberish to people and called random numbers.  When he was a year old, he took pictures of his feet with my old flip phone.

I've password protected my iPhone to try to keep him from switching my icons around AGAIN.  I was feeling pretty cocky about it when I saw him pick up my phone and momentarily get stymied by this block.  So I got up and went to put something away.  I came back and found him babbling away with the phone to his ear.  I smiled at how he was imitating us until I realized...the phone was connected to someone.

Someone not in English.


That little rat had hit "Emergency Call", dialed a random number and CALLED ANOTHER COUNTRY JUST TO CHAT.

I hung up as quickly as I could.  Then he got the phone back and activated the Voice Control.

I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!!!  I was sitting next to him saying "Show Mommy what you pressed!" as he jabbered away happily.

Maybe he'll make lots of money one day.  Then he can pay me back for the frustration.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


It's Thursday. We always watch Big Bang Theory on Thursday night.
Don't take Milly's spot.

50 Questions for Married Dates Pt 2

Here is the eagerly awaited post of conversation starting questions. I hope you enjoy them!
  1. What was your favorite childhood toy?  Maybe your loved one will talk to you about his Pooh blanket that he carried around until it was in shreds.  Maybe your wife grew up on Army bases and played with G.I. Joe instead of Barbies.
  2. Where has been your favorite place to travel?
  3. What memory sticks while taking a vacation?  Did you fall off of a large step in a Jordanian landmark?  Did you get hit by a car while crossing a street in China?  Did you hide Easter Eggs in the snow on a mountain in Germany?
  4. Describe your ultimate favorite meal and the 11 living people with whom you would share it.
  5. What movie could you watch time and time again and never tire of?  When did you first see it?
  6. What jokes make you laugh any time you hear them?  Is it the muffin joke?  That one has to be told JUST RIGHT.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure song?  You know every single word but God forbid you let the general public every hear you singing it.  That right is only for your shower or in the car.
  8. Have you every thought of an invention that you truly believed could be something amazing?  Even if it's something small?
  9. If you could take a school course just for fun what would you take?  Would you learn pottery?  Would you take a detailed World History class?  Would you finally learn Latin?
  10. OK, you have a secret room all to yourself in our house.  What is it?  Man Cave?  Craft room?  Bat Cave?  Creaky attic with treasures waiting to be discovered?  Is there a secret passage to get there?  Is it something out of Get Smart?
  11. What was the first book you remember reading yourself?  Do you actually remember reading it or have your parents told you that you read it?
  12. You are given $1,000.  You have to do something for another person that is not family.  Who do you choose and what do you do?
  13. What is one country you want to visit just for the food?
  14. Tell me about our first kiss from your point of view.  (Don't say "My eyes were closed.")
  15. You probably know about your spouses' pets.  Ask them for the funniest story they can remember about their pet.  Did they find their Christmas Snausages and eat the stocking, too?
  16. What was your favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn?
  17. You've rubbed a magic lamp and the usual rules apply.  What do you wish for?
  18. What movie has ever left you with an awesome, holy monkeys, LET'S WATCH THAT AGAIN RIGHT NOW feeling?
  19. What is a food you've never tried but is something very ordinary?  Have you never gotten around to eating a Twinkie?  (Commie.)
  20. If they ever started space travel as a normal thing, would you do it?
  21. If you were to write a commercial, how would it go?
  22. In your opinion, who is the most annoying and overrated band ever?  If they answer "Guns 'n Roses" then quietly get up, walk away from the table and find the nearest divorce lawyer.
  23. Would you consent to being a pet for a race of giant alien overlords?
  24. What is the nerdiest thing you enjoy doing?  Do you scribble out a list and then painstakingly redo it onto a new sheet of paper so that there are no mistakes?  Do you sort your books by the Dewey Decimal system because alphabetically is too easy?  Do you twirl your umbrella around like you're still in flag corps?
  25. If you could "read" yourself into books and interact with characters, what books would you choose?  Those who read Jasper Fforde will understand what I'm talking about.
  26. What drives you nuts in bed?  I'm not talking about that, Gutter Brain.  Do you hate to wear socks to bed?  Does it keep you up the covers aren't perfectly tucked in?
  27. If you could wear any fashion from any period in time, what would you choose?  Men, are you all going to say Garden of Eden because being naked without shame is the best?
  28. What rule did your parents have that was totally stupid until you became a parent and WOW THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW?
  29. What are some of the oddest inventions you've ever seen in person?  Ever been to a dairy farm and seen a gigantic milking machine?  Gone to a thrift store and seen the weirdest assortment of somethings until you finally saw a tag telling you that you were holding a pre-War shoe cleaner?
  30. Have you ever wanted to collect something but never gotten around to it?
  31. What would you collect if you had all of the extra money you wanted?  Yes, cars count.
  32. What bizarre American Attraction would you go see?  Largest Ball of Twine?  Museum of Toast?
  33. What actor or actress makes you want to stick sporks in your eyes?  It could be the coolest movie in the universe; great story and director but....ugh...that Guy is in it.
  34. What is a book that you would love to see made into a movie?
  35. What is a movie that you would love to see remade into a BETTER movie?
  36. Do you know what your parents would have named you if you weren't *insert name here*?  What if you were the opposite sex?
  37. Did you play imaginary games when you were little?  Cops and robbers?  Did you have an Ewok Village?
  38. What is the most relaxing thing for you?  To have someone rub your feet?  Body massage?  Whirlpool tub and a bottle of wine?  Giant nest bed and 12 hours of sleep?
  39. If you wrote a children's book, what would it be about?  Giant intelligent otters?
  40. Pick a memory with the two of you that still makes you laugh.  "Puddles of Christmas Cheer"?
  41. Tell each other about someone you really respect.  Is it someone you've met?  Is it an athlete like Jackie Robinson?  Is it someone fictional like Wonder Woman?
  42. If you were a superhero, describe your powers and purpose.  Do you have a sidekick?  Are you an alien?
  43. If you could be an animal at any time what would you choose?  You can still change back into a human, it would just be another form.
  44. What is something crazy that you've always wanted to do but you've never done?  Shave your head?  Jump out of a plane?  Drink milk 4 days past the expiration date?
  45. What mythical creature do you wish existed?  Do you want a pet dragon?  Would you befriend an elf?
  46. Where would you spend the perfect vacation with your spouse?  2 weeks in Monaco?  Driving down Route 66 in a '69 Mustang?
  47. Have you ever played a practical joke that really succeeded?  What did you do?
  48. If you could go back in your personal history and confront someone who did you wrong without consequences, who would it be and what would you say?  (My husband helped with this one and suggested "Who would you go back in history and punch?")
  49. If you could invent a children's toy, what would it look like?  For what age group?
  50. Look your spouse deep in the eye and ask for 5 silly reasons why they love you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Royal Invasion

In the fall of 2012, a new Disney Princess will be introduced.

Her name is Sofia and she will first descend upon us in a film and then in a TV series which will follow in Spring of 2013.  Unlike Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel and all of the rest, Sofia is a young girl.  The story is that the older Princesses along with Flora, Fauna and Merryweather will all be teaching Princess Sofia how to act like a true Princess.

From the DisneyWikia

Why I am interested in this new Princess? I also have a young Sophia.  She has brown hair and blue eyes.  She is obsessed with all things Disney.  Right now it's all Minnie Mouse but by the end of the year...I think we should be prepared to roll out the red carpet, practice our curtsies and welcome the Princess Sofia the First into our home.

Does this make me the Queen?  If she gets a tiara then I want one, too.


50 Questions for Married Dates Pt 1

It should come as no surprise that I am a complete Pinterest addict.  I currently have 37 boards filled with 2,446 pins.  (That number will probably change quickly.)

One board is dedicated to my partner-in-crime, the mustard to my fries, the potato chips on my tuna sandwich, the one who yelps when I put my cold feet on the backs of his knees in bed, the one who finishes nearly every one of my Simpsons quotes...my husband.

*pause for awww*

There are date and present ideas.  There are reminders of why he's such a stud bagel.  (I'm not a muffin fan.)  Some are serious and most are wonky.  One idea that I snagged was a link to 50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on a Date Night.  I was excited since most of our date nights begin with us backing out of the driveway vowing not to mention the kids only to find ourselves discussing Gideon's weird rash over the appetizer.

How Pinterest works is you "pin" these ideas to your board to remind yourself to come back and look at it when you have time.  As a SAHM, time is limited so this is a Godsend.  By the time the kids are in bed and I've collapsed on the couch, my brain is mush and I can barely remember what to call the refrigerator much less that awesome website I wanted to check out.

You think I'm joking?  Ask Ben how many times I've asked him to put the milk back in the Hoodle.

Back to the list.  I began reading through these "conversation starters" and well...they sound like a great way to get into an argument by the time the entrees get to the table and divorce papers will come with the cheesecake.  Maybe you that shows how immature Ben and I can be or that we just don't want to face difficult discussions.

Maybe we just don't want to discuss what songs we want played at our funerals while grabbing ice cream and then going to see The Avengers.

So, dearies, I am going to give you my list.  These questions are much more light-hearted but should still invoke conversation between you and your shmoopy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hippie Chick

It's Not a Diet...

...It's a lifestyle change.

I have heard this said about Weight Watchers for years.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have always struggled with my weight.  At my heaviest, I was over 300 pounds.  That was about 7 years ago.  I weigh close to 280 whenever I'm pregnant.  My "normal" weight is close to 275.  After I had Milly, I became very active by running after 3 little ones.  In November of last year, I noticed that the scale had started to move down.

I've tried diets before.  I just never stuck to them.  I dabbled with Atkins, I drank Hydroxycut and I even bought outdated Weight Watchers books and tried to do it myself.  I just never wanted to ask anyone for help.  I went to a gym for a season and then stopped when it became inconvenient.  Whenever I moved to a new apartment with a gym room then I would tell myself to utilize it.  I would go once or twice and then make excuses.

It wasn't until Milly and seeing 260 on the scale that I really wanted to do something about this.

My best friend has been doing Weight Watchers and told me about a January special.  I could do everything online.  The Points system has changed so I can eat most veggies and fruits to my heart's content for no points.  There are phone apps to help track everything.  Another girlfriend had a Facebook group where we could encourage each other and exchange tips and recipes.

So I held my breath and joined.

Today begins week 3.  I stood on my scale and forced myself to look down.  I began this journey at 259.  Today I weighed 249.  It's the first time I've weighed under 250 pounds in over 10 years.  I nearly collapsed and cried.

I'm not going to lie; this is TOUGH.  I'm having to stop and think every time I reach for food.  My shopping list looks very different.  I've given up my 9 - 10 daily Dr Peppers / Pibbs for one Dr Pepper 10 a day.  I drink at least 2 bottles of water a day.  I'm researching new recipes and learning how to cook differently.

I'm also having to come to terms with the fact that I "eat my feelings".  Doesn't that sound hippie-ish and psychodramatic?  Basically, when I get upset, I reach for the chips.  Now I can't do that.  Since I've also quit smoking years ago then I actually have to do something healthy and DEAL with my problems!

It is WAY easier to eat 2 rows of Oreos.

This is all to say that it truly is a lifestyle change.  It's making me look at all aspects of my life.  I'm better hydrated and that's helped my chronic migraines.  I'm trying out pilates and yoga which should eventually be a stress reliever.  I'm taking a vitamin every day and I'm making sure that my kids take their vitamins.  Drinking fewer sodas and buying more fresh produce has drastically lowered my grocery bill.  When I get stressed, I listen to music and read my Bible for direction.  I have a whole new group of girls to laugh with when we despair over the Dunkin' Donuts commercials and husbands who eat Jack in the Box tacos right in front of us.  We cheer each other on when smaller pants fit and when the scale moves.  We encourage each other when things stall or slip.

It works.