Saturday, February 11, 2012

Music Therapy

One of my girlfriends wrote a post about how music affects her. I love how she describes how the music envelops her and is able to soothe her fears. Music brings her back to the past and she is now adding new memories to color those same songs. She ends with a list of her favorites. I thought it would be fun to give myself the same challenge. Music affects me the same way. When my babies are upset, my first response is to sing to them. When I'm happy, I crank up the music in the car to dangerous levels. (And hopefully remember to crank the volume down before my husband drives the car again.)  I tweaked her categories for me.
  1. My All Time Fave - Carry on My Wayward Son Kansas
  2. Fave Religious - Before the Throne of God Above Selah
  3. Fave Classical - Brahms Requiem (ORIGINAL GERMAN, PLEASE.)
  4. Fave Love Song - Love Petra
  5. Fave Christmas Song - One Small Child   
  6. Fave Weird Al Yankovic - Trigger Happy
  7. Sophie's Lullaby - Slumber, My Darling Yo-Yo Ma and Alison Krauss
  8. Gideon's Lullaby - La, la, Lu from Lady and the Tramp
  9. Milly's Lullaby - Goodnight, My Angel Celtic Woman
  10. Fave Soundtrack - Blues Brothers
  11. Fave Score (YES, THERE'S A DIFFERENCE!) -Braveheart
  12. Fave Workout - Black Betty Ram Jam
  13. Fave Feel Like a Bada$$ - Supermassive Black Hole Muse
  14. Fave Musical - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  15. Will Always and Forever Make Me Smile - Nightswimming R.E.M. 
  16. When I Need to Get Angry - Faint Linkin Park
  17. When I Need To Cry - Winter Tori Amos
  18. When I Need to Dance - She Bangs Ricky Martin (shut up.)
  19. To Cover with My All Girl Punk Band - Breed Nirvana
  20. Our Song - Look Around Blues Traveler

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