Thursday, February 9, 2012

50 Questions for Married Dates Pt 2

Here is the eagerly awaited post of conversation starting questions. I hope you enjoy them!
  1. What was your favorite childhood toy?  Maybe your loved one will talk to you about his Pooh blanket that he carried around until it was in shreds.  Maybe your wife grew up on Army bases and played with G.I. Joe instead of Barbies.
  2. Where has been your favorite place to travel?
  3. What memory sticks while taking a vacation?  Did you fall off of a large step in a Jordanian landmark?  Did you get hit by a car while crossing a street in China?  Did you hide Easter Eggs in the snow on a mountain in Germany?
  4. Describe your ultimate favorite meal and the 11 living people with whom you would share it.
  5. What movie could you watch time and time again and never tire of?  When did you first see it?
  6. What jokes make you laugh any time you hear them?  Is it the muffin joke?  That one has to be told JUST RIGHT.
  7. What is your guilty pleasure song?  You know every single word but God forbid you let the general public every hear you singing it.  That right is only for your shower or in the car.
  8. Have you every thought of an invention that you truly believed could be something amazing?  Even if it's something small?
  9. If you could take a school course just for fun what would you take?  Would you learn pottery?  Would you take a detailed World History class?  Would you finally learn Latin?
  10. OK, you have a secret room all to yourself in our house.  What is it?  Man Cave?  Craft room?  Bat Cave?  Creaky attic with treasures waiting to be discovered?  Is there a secret passage to get there?  Is it something out of Get Smart?
  11. What was the first book you remember reading yourself?  Do you actually remember reading it or have your parents told you that you read it?
  12. You are given $1,000.  You have to do something for another person that is not family.  Who do you choose and what do you do?
  13. What is one country you want to visit just for the food?
  14. Tell me about our first kiss from your point of view.  (Don't say "My eyes were closed.")
  15. You probably know about your spouses' pets.  Ask them for the funniest story they can remember about their pet.  Did they find their Christmas Snausages and eat the stocking, too?
  16. What was your favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn?
  17. You've rubbed a magic lamp and the usual rules apply.  What do you wish for?
  18. What movie has ever left you with an awesome, holy monkeys, LET'S WATCH THAT AGAIN RIGHT NOW feeling?
  19. What is a food you've never tried but is something very ordinary?  Have you never gotten around to eating a Twinkie?  (Commie.)
  20. If they ever started space travel as a normal thing, would you do it?
  21. If you were to write a commercial, how would it go?
  22. In your opinion, who is the most annoying and overrated band ever?  If they answer "Guns 'n Roses" then quietly get up, walk away from the table and find the nearest divorce lawyer.
  23. Would you consent to being a pet for a race of giant alien overlords?
  24. What is the nerdiest thing you enjoy doing?  Do you scribble out a list and then painstakingly redo it onto a new sheet of paper so that there are no mistakes?  Do you sort your books by the Dewey Decimal system because alphabetically is too easy?  Do you twirl your umbrella around like you're still in flag corps?
  25. If you could "read" yourself into books and interact with characters, what books would you choose?  Those who read Jasper Fforde will understand what I'm talking about.
  26. What drives you nuts in bed?  I'm not talking about that, Gutter Brain.  Do you hate to wear socks to bed?  Does it keep you up the covers aren't perfectly tucked in?
  27. If you could wear any fashion from any period in time, what would you choose?  Men, are you all going to say Garden of Eden because being naked without shame is the best?
  28. What rule did your parents have that was totally stupid until you became a parent and WOW THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW?
  29. What are some of the oddest inventions you've ever seen in person?  Ever been to a dairy farm and seen a gigantic milking machine?  Gone to a thrift store and seen the weirdest assortment of somethings until you finally saw a tag telling you that you were holding a pre-War shoe cleaner?
  30. Have you ever wanted to collect something but never gotten around to it?
  31. What would you collect if you had all of the extra money you wanted?  Yes, cars count.
  32. What bizarre American Attraction would you go see?  Largest Ball of Twine?  Museum of Toast?
  33. What actor or actress makes you want to stick sporks in your eyes?  It could be the coolest movie in the universe; great story and director but....ugh...that Guy is in it.
  34. What is a book that you would love to see made into a movie?
  35. What is a movie that you would love to see remade into a BETTER movie?
  36. Do you know what your parents would have named you if you weren't *insert name here*?  What if you were the opposite sex?
  37. Did you play imaginary games when you were little?  Cops and robbers?  Did you have an Ewok Village?
  38. What is the most relaxing thing for you?  To have someone rub your feet?  Body massage?  Whirlpool tub and a bottle of wine?  Giant nest bed and 12 hours of sleep?
  39. If you wrote a children's book, what would it be about?  Giant intelligent otters?
  40. Pick a memory with the two of you that still makes you laugh.  "Puddles of Christmas Cheer"?
  41. Tell each other about someone you really respect.  Is it someone you've met?  Is it an athlete like Jackie Robinson?  Is it someone fictional like Wonder Woman?
  42. If you were a superhero, describe your powers and purpose.  Do you have a sidekick?  Are you an alien?
  43. If you could be an animal at any time what would you choose?  You can still change back into a human, it would just be another form.
  44. What is something crazy that you've always wanted to do but you've never done?  Shave your head?  Jump out of a plane?  Drink milk 4 days past the expiration date?
  45. What mythical creature do you wish existed?  Do you want a pet dragon?  Would you befriend an elf?
  46. Where would you spend the perfect vacation with your spouse?  2 weeks in Monaco?  Driving down Route 66 in a '69 Mustang?
  47. Have you ever played a practical joke that really succeeded?  What did you do?
  48. If you could go back in your personal history and confront someone who did you wrong without consequences, who would it be and what would you say?  (My husband helped with this one and suggested "Who would you go back in history and punch?")
  49. If you could invent a children's toy, what would it look like?  For what age group?
  50. Look your spouse deep in the eye and ask for 5 silly reasons why they love you.

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