Friday, February 17, 2012

The Little Things

Yesterday was tough.

There was bad news from friends and family swirling through my head.

Sophie had 2 poop "accidents" even though she knows what to do. I couldn't correct her because the meltdown was too close to the surface.

Milly was still cranky and feverish from the shots she got the day before.

Gideon was just wild and wanted attention that I couldn't give.

The laundry was threatening to eat us alive.

The kitchen was almost bare.

When Ben got home, I was breathing hard so that I wouldn't cry or scream in front of the kids. He took over and I ran to the car. I cranked up the music and screamed as I drove to the library. Feeling a little better, I plugged my ears with my music and got new books. Then I filled up the car with gas and went to Target. I plugged my ears again and went to get some basics. After picking up some Pull-ups for Sophie (at least we don't need very many!) I took a path back to the grocery section through the shoes.

They were there.

2 pairs left.  On clearance. Fifty percent off.

One pair was my size. They came home with me because they made me smile.

Some days just call for pink sequined Converse shoes.

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