Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Brain Dump

I am one tired Mama.

I'm watching the monsters run around and act out the Minnie Red Riding Hood episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and thanking God for On Demand.  Where was that when I was little and wanted to watch my favorite episode of Sesame Street?

Ugh.  Kids these days.  Back in my day we had to use our imaginations to make a forest into an Ewok village and suffer through the Shemp episodes.  We learned to watch and like the commercials.

I think I'm going to need to go get my nose ring and my pink / red hair streaks just to balance out that comment.

I'm still in the mood for good action movies.  Good blow-em up stuff. Any suggestions?  Funny action is even more appreciated.  Like Red.  That movie was awe-to-the-some.

I got a day out with my bestie this Saturday and had a blast.  I came home with a bag of clothes in a size smaller than what I usually wear and chocolate bath stuff.  We also had fun making each other laugh until we cried and getting a little too loud in public.  I'm pretty sure at least 4 people thought we were drunk.

I sound like Amy Farrah Fowler when I call her my bestie.  I'm pretty sure this means I need a tiara.

Sophie RAN to the potty this morning and went potty for her Sunday School teachers yesterday.  It's sinking in!  Now if she'll just stop pooping in her pants.  That would be nice.

Milly has a cold, teeth coming in and had a really poopy diaper this morning.  Poor miserable baby.  She needed extra cuddling.

Gideon is finally over his cough.  The asthma makes me nervous every time he gets a cold.  I feel like I can breathe a little easier, too. is starting a series on Samson.  I'm very intrigued.

Lake Pointe just started a series on Fixing Your Marriage.  The first message was yesterday and hasn't been posted yet.  When it is then you should watch it.  It was REALLY good.

All done.  Time for laundry.


  1. I ordered a new workout video this morning. I'm just OVER running. Just so you know, YOU are my new inspiration.

  2. ME?!?! Girlfriend, I'm just doing Weight Watchers! I'm occasionally doing the Pilates thingy I found on Netflix. Today I'm going to start jumping rope. I haven't done that in years. It should be interesting!