Thursday, February 16, 2012

All a Part of the Body

God ask His people to obey in all different ways.  Some people teach and some people preach.

(I promise this whole post won't rhyme.)

He calls me to pray.  A lot.  Sometimes I'll have specific prayers and sometimes I'll wander around the house just thinking about someone until they take up all of my brain space.  Then I stand still until I understand that God wants me to pray for them for a reason that only He knows.  I really like having specifics and watching to see the Lord work.

I'm working on a new way to remember my prayers.  I'm writing them on note cards and putting them up in places where I find myself standing during the day.  There will be some over the sink in the kitchen where I wash dishes and some on my bathroom mirror.  This should also help me to always be ready to talk to the Lord at any time.

Right now I'm praying for:

  • 3 beautiful ladies to be blessed with children
  • 4 people to be blessed with partners
  • comfort on one going through a divorce
  • comfort on a family who lost a loved one
  • 2 ladies fighting diseases that seem insurmountable
  • 4 ones who need the Lord in their hearts
  • friends going through moving stresses
This is in addition to 3 people that God has put on my heart and I have no idea why.  So I just pray that God works however He needs to.

I take requests.  I love to talk to my God.

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