Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Red Flags

He's not talking.

He has a very talkative older sister.
Boys talk later than girls.
Sometimes he'll repeat and talk with Sesame Street.

He's not responding to me.

He's just 2. 2 year olds are stubborn.
Maybe he can't hear me. Schedule another hearing test.

He's lining up his action figures in precise ways and gets REALLY upset when you move one.

He's just playing.
He's protective of his toys. He has to be with two sisters ready to steal them.

"On August 15th, the BSRC published a paper in Pediatrics which reexamined the recurrence rate of autism in high risk families. It found that in families with one or more children on the autism spectrum, the chances that a baby sibling will develop autism are around 1 in 5, more than double previous estimates of 1 in 10 to 1 in 30. The rate was much higher among younger brothers (1 in 4) than among younger sisters (1 in 9). In families with more than one older child on the spectrum, 1 in 3 infants eventually developed autism. The severity of the older sibling's autism did not affect the risk to younger brothers or sisters, nor did other family attributes such as parental age, ethnicity, or birth order."
 - Autism Speaks

...higher in younger brothers?

Bottom Line:  It's time to cry, pray and make some appointments. 

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  1. I'm praying for you. And for your family. Remember Esther. "For such a time as this..." You are a voice for your children and the mothers in your shoes. Love you.