Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Brain Dump

Quiet. I know it's Tuesday.

Sophie has learned how to ask for juice. She comes to one of us and says "I may juice?" Then she thinks it over a little and says "May I juice?" We're all doing a happy dance and drinking a lot of diluted OJ.

Milly has a compulsion to empty any box or bowl that she can find. It's really irritating when her sister and brother have bowls of cereal in the morning.

WOW. That guy on the Sprout morning show is secure in his manhood to dance like that. Especially with an overgrown squeaking chick.

Milly toddles almost everywhere now. She's my third child and I'm still just enchanted by her little steps. She gets a giant grin on her face and will "run" at you to attack you with kisses and hugs. Then the world explodes into fairy dust. It's the most wonderful feeling ever.

Gideon is having trouble getting to sleep at night. He needs extra cuddling and his lullabye. He wraps his little arms around my neck and clutches at me like he's terrified. I wish I could see inside his little mind to see what's bothering my Little Prince.

Ben and I found a church in Wylie that has a monthly Parents Night Out. We took the kids last Friday night and had a date night at Studio Movie Grill. It's only from 6-10 so we have to drop them off right on time and then BOOK IT to the movie theater. We chose SMG so that we could have dinner and a movie all at once. Spinach and mushroom quesadillas are delicious but are a little difficult to eat in the dark while wearing 3D glasses. We saw John Carter.


After the movie ended, we raced back to the church with 5 minutes to spare. Gideon was sound asleep, Milly was watching a movie in a volun-grandma's lap and Sophie was acting like she had spent the whole time snorting a sugar and cocaine mixture. They had so much fun. We're putting this on the calendar as a monthly date night for us and a play night for the kids.

Sophie has not removed her flashing Minnie Mouse shoes all morning. Her Nonny would be proud.

Milly's hair gets longer and curlier every day. Ben calls her Sunshine. She looks like the girliest girl in all of Girldom but it's all a ruse. She eats like a horse, watches baseball and NASCAR, farts enough to peel the paint and loves her toy cars. Her Daddy is so proud.

I just finished reading Mists of Avalon. It took me a week and a half. I feel so...normal. Next up is Cinder.

I've officially lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers. Next up is my 40 pound goal. This is surreal.

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