Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Wrapping Drawer

Ben is trying to get cling wrap onto the leftover casserole and is failing. The cling wrap is wildly sticking to everything, including itself, and refuses to tear. I end up helping him hold it still while we wrestle it into place.

Ben: ARGH! I hate this stuff! You have to keep it perfectly straight or it gets everywhere!

Me: (talking for the cling wrap in a Cletus-moron voice) "YAY! I KAN STICK TO FINGS!"

Ben laughs.

Me: Why do we always go for the moron voice when describing things?

Ben: Well, it is the moron of the drawer.

Me: True. Parchment paper is the snooty cousin.

Ben: The Ziploc bags are the...

Both: ...nerds / techy types.

This is where I fling my arms around him and smooch him soundly for not just laughing at my joke, not just making a joke of his own but finishing the joke with the same bizarro thoughts as me.

This is why we fit. It is also why our children don't have a snowball's chance in Mordor of being normal.

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