Thursday, October 13, 2011

While He's Little

Sometimes when I get Gideon up from a nap he needs to be held. His eyes are still blinky and he's a little bit of a zombie. He lays heavily on my chest and puts his fuzzy head on my shoulder or under my chin. his downy fine hair is still sweaty on the back of his neck. He snuggles close with his arms around my neck and I rub his back. Last week, he was still in his 4T Aggie jersey.

Please let me remember these moments.

Let me remember when he's storming around the house knocking his sisters' toys down.

Let me remember when he's too old to be held.

Let me remember when he won't let me kiss him anymore.

Let me remember when he's 18, a foot taller than me and wearing a real football jersey.

Dear Lord, let me remember.

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