Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Parenting Pet Peeves

OK, I know I've totally skipped over the Arizona Thanksgiving Car Trip Extravaganza and I PROMISE that I'm going to tell you all about it. It's going to take some time and I'm just now getting to the point where I can tell the story without cringing and hiding in a corner with a bucket as a helmet and a makeshift sword.

So, for now, let's talk about the irritating things our kids do.

My two oldest still use sippy sups. Sophie knows how to use a regular cup but I won't let her take it around the house because I don't like cleaning milk off of every single surface including the ceiling.

Gideon still takes regular cups and dumps them over his head like he's in the bath instead of at Chili's.

I lovingly fix my darlings sippy cups every morning; regular milk for Sophie since she doesn't like chocolate and chocolate milk (now soy milk) for Gideon. Gideon has been showing signs of lactose intolerance so we're trying to wean him over. What better way than with the dark lusciousness of chocolate?

Sophie takes her cup and babbles happily through her clothes change and then goes to greet her sister and her toys.

When I hand Gideon his cup, he drains almost everything and then you can almost see the cup evaporate into thin air. I sigh and wonder where I'm going to find it this time.

2 weeks later under the couch?
4 days later under his crib?
6 hours later behind a couch cushion?


He drinks some and then just stashes the cup. I try to watch him like a hawk to see where the cup will land but, well I have two other children who already know 867,946 ways to kill themselves and each other with household objects.

When we move from this house I expect to find sippy cups in every single room of the house. Some will have cheese and some will have wine. Perfect for a going away party.


  1. Oh, but yes. When we cleaned out the air intake from Drengen's old room we found the following: Shoes (I was SURE that the dog had eaten them...), pajamas, a sippy cup, a pacifier, and some matchbox cars.

    I was pretty sure that he was planning a get away.

  2. All he needed was the poster of Betty Grable and a rock hammer. :)

  3. Too funny. I found a sippy cup under Ben's bed at least 3 months after he quit using sippy cups. Amazing how I never found it by smell. :)

  4. Time to Let go of the sippycups. We haven't had that problem yet, but I'm too much of. 'my way or highway' kind of mom. They won't have milk at all if they are going to hide it. And if Max my 3 year old wants milk in a regular up he has to drink it at the table. Good luck Mama!!