Saturday, May 11, 2013

For Mama

My mother taught me...

  • to keep a closet full of classics and accessorize with the trendy.
  • to be kind to everyone, including those who mistreat you. You don't know their story.
  • to use your hands to pat out biscuit dough because a rolling pin will make them too flat.
  • that stay-at-home mothers need not feel like they're freeloading non-workers. There are many ways for us to save money at home.
  • to trust in God's timing and provision. But it's still OK to call your mom and tell her that you're scared.
  • that mascara, lipstick and a little blush can completely pull together your look.
  • to breathe deep whenever you feel overwhelmed.
  • that you don't have to try to go to sleep but you do need to close your eyes and be still.
  • to belly laugh at funny things.
  • to encourage my children to take new steps while reassuring them that I'm here if they fall.
My mother is my inspiration, my friend, my role model and my safe place. I know that I have always been loved and I can never do anything that will make my mother turn her back on me. Her arms will always be open and ready to embrace me.

Happy Mother's Day, Mama.

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