Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rory's Story

When last I left this blog, we were waiting. We didn't have to wait for long.

Aurora Hoshi Dyer - March 28, 2013
The day after I wrote my last post, I went to my doctor for a somewhat routine checkup. While she looked at the sonogram we talked about what had happened over the last few weeks. We talked about my blood pressure and heart rate spikes. We talked about the swelling in my hands and feet. Then we looked at Rory and my doctor got a funny look on her face.

"Let me measure this fluid level again."

Rory was surrounded by more fluid than should be there. This is another symptom of pre-eclampsia though I was still testing negative. My blood pressure was high again. Everything was just borderline or right over the line so as not to be an emergency but still concern us all. I was 37 weeks. Typically doctors don't like to induce without an emergency until 38-39 weeks. Ben was back there with us and the three of us talked about our options. Doctor Monti finally said that she wanted someone else to look at me. She was sending us right over to a high-risk doctor who would get a closer look at Rory and possibly back her up in the choice to induce.

At that doctor's office, we watched as the high-risk doctor looked all over Rory. She was measuring almost 9 pounds. She confirmed that there was a lot of fluid. She agreed that Rory needed to get here sooner rather than later. She also agreed that it wasn't safe for my water to break on it's own.

I went home confident that my doctors were taking great care of me and my baby but nervous. This was a problem we had never seen coming. I have scrawny little babies that demand to be released early. Rory was content to settle in and grow larger with every day. My body was just giving out and couldn't hold her much longer.

No one could pinpoint why there was so much fluid. The high-risk doctor said that some heart problems will be the cause so we went on Wednesday back to the office for a fetal echo. Her heart looked beautiful. There was still no answer to what was happening. All we knew is that a large amount of fluid made it dangerous for my heart and upped the possibility of stillbirth or cord compression. We scheduled the inducement for Thursday the 28th.

Here's the thing; all of my other labors started in the middle of the night. My water broke with Sophie at 12:15 AM. I began contractions with Gideon at 2 AM. Milly's water broke at 12:30 AM. This was the very first labor where I was able to eat a good dinner, go to bed early, sleep as soundly as possible and then eat a good breakfast.We were able to give the other kids to Grandma the day before so she didn't have to make a mad dash an hour away in the dead of night. We were able to plan! It was divine! We got the hospital and I was hooked up to Pitocin. I was already dilated to a 5. I was nice and hydrated. There was no possible way this wouldn't go quickly!


After hours of painful but barely productive contractions, my doctor came in to break my water. I had two nurses that day. One was a veteran and one had just graduated and was training. They were amazing. The three ladies surrounded me and my doctor said that she was just going to prick a tiny hole in my bag of waters and let it slowly trickle. Just to be safe.

3 seconds afterward, all three leaped away and for the stack of towels as the bed and floor were basically flooded. The look on my doctor's face was priceless.

OK! So I'm relaxed from the epidural, the Pitocin is still going and now my water is gone so she can start moving down and I'll dilate quickly and we'll get her here in no time!


Every thirty minutes, Doctor Monti would come in and stare at Rory's heartbeat on the monitor. Then she would check me again. Then stare again at the monitor and mutter. Rory wasn't going anywhere. Her heartbeat began to slow down with each contraction. I watched as my doctor got more and more worried. Finally I spoke up;

"I think you're going to have to go get her."

Let's back up to the Sunday before. We had been watching the Bible miniseries along with everyone else in the Bible Belt. We had just seen the episode with Jesus in Gethsemane. I watched as Jesus became aware that it was time for him to die. He went into the garden, begging his friends to just be near him, and he prayed that God would let him out of this. Did it really have to happen this way? It was too much. He sobbed and pleaded that he wouldn't have to do this thing. Then he wiped away his tears and said three times that he would do this if it was God's will.

I am not comparing myself to Jesus. This was just a baby. However, I've always been of the mindset that there was no way that God would put me through a c-section. It just wouldn't happen so there was no reason to even concern myself with the thought. Then I realized that God had his hand on my heart. He was telling me that He may ask me to do things that I never thought possible. He might ask me to do things that I hate or that would hurt. I had to be open to this possibility and follow Him no matter where He might lead. He would be there. I sat in the bath and cried. I read through the Gospels as Jesus begged the same way I was begging. Then I dried my tears and gave up. I put myself in God's hands and asked that He would carry me through whatever happened.

Sure enough, Dr Monti came in around 6:00 PM and said that they were going to go get her. I felt only relief. There was no fear. It was almost over. Rory was going to be safe. We would all be OK. He had promised.

There was a flurry of preparation as Ben was whisked away to get scrubs and my epidural was cranked up to 11. They wheeled me into the operating room and I waited and watched as everyone moved around with purpose. Ben came in and sat down by my head. They already had the drape up, thankfully. Poor guy was really nervous and he doesn't do well with medical stuff. Especially bloody medical stuff. We talked and waited as everyone got to work.

At 7:11 PM, we heard a little cry.

8 pounds 5 ounces of furious cute.
The little cry soon turned into screeches of anger so I knew it was our girl! I sent Ben over to monitor her progress and coo over her cheeks. Meanwhile, Dr Monti made sure that this was the last time I would use her OB services. That's right folks, we are officially a family of 6. All done. No more.

This time, though, we feel complete.

We're the Dyer family.

Ben, Kelly, Sophia, Gideon, Millicent and Aurora.

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  1. Welcome to the world, Aurora. Caboose babies are THE BEST.

    P.S. She and the Bitson basically weighed the same thing!