Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slippery Slope

While the kids napped yesterday, NAPPED!, I quickly cleaned up around the house. I scrubbed out the back fridge and swapped out some laundry. Then I decided to give the kids some kiddie pool time when they got up. We've had some storms lately so I honestly had no idea where the kiddie pool had ended up in the backyard. I went outside with visions of the pool draped across the roof like a Dali painting. I found it half-full of water behind the shed/wasp house. Braving the flying devils, I emptied and cleaned the pool. I set it closer to the house and left it to fill up while I collected toys, swim diapers, towels, sunscreen and suits.

By this time, the kids were up and hollering so I got everyone up. Sophie jumped out of bed in just a pull-up and immediately put on her purple croc knock-off sandals. I finally convinced the little nudist to let me put her swimsuit on. Her eyes lit up as she realized that watery goodness was nigh. Gideon just walked around in circles and babbled, as is his way. I put Milly on my hip and led everyone outside.

Look! Pool! Yay, fun!


Seriously, get in the pool.

So, I got in first while precariously holding a now very slippery Milly. Sophie delicately climbed in and began pouring water from cup to cup to cup to cup. Gideon came over and just looked at the water. I nabbed him when he got close enough and stood him in the water. I still couldn't get him to sit down. So he just wandered around and babbled while throwing toys like grenades.

Any time one of them got too splashy, I grabbed a bucket and doused them. They both thought this was great fun and were doused many times. That got me thinking...Sophie throws foundation-shattering fits when we pour a cup of water over her head in the bathtub. Out in the pool? Bring on the water! Maybe I could bathe her in the backyard! It's summer in Texas so it's warm enough. Then I started to take stock;
  • non-running car in the front. not on blocks but...
  • foil in the kids' windows. they need complete darkness to sleep.
I think bathing my kid in the backyard would complete the trashy trifecta. Next I'll find myself wearing American flag tank tops and standing barefoot on the stoop yelling at my kids to get out of the yard while holding Milly on my hip.

Of course, I already do that...

Maybe I can buy some blackout curtains and buy myself a little time.

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