Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Brain Dribbles

Ben left yesterday for Austin. He'll be back on Friday. It's just me and the monsters this week. They have "school" on Tuesday and Thursday so it's not all bad. I will get a break.

I just spelled that as "I will get a bread." Apparently, I'm a vegetarian cat.

Sophie slept in my bed last night. She and Gideon share a room and take HOURS to fall asleep while they talk, sing and throw things at each other. I went in an hour after their bedtime and they were both poopy. I changed them and noticed that Sophie was swaying with sleepiness. I asked her if she would rather sleep in my bed.

"OK!" Followed by gathering all gazillion stuffed animals and then laying diagonally across my bed.

I followed a few hours later after watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. VERY good. Stephen Fry is blessedly wonderful as Mycroft. I've loved all things Sherlock - aside, it is impossible for me to say that in anything other than Alan Cummings' voice  - since high school. The RDJ versions are wonderful as are the Benedict Cumberbatch. The new show Elementary?


Anyhoo...I came to bed, cleaned out the stuffed animals and shoved my darling limp rag doll daughter over to her side of the bed. At 3:30 AM, I woke up to Sophie blindly crawling around the bed until she curled up at my feet. I'm pretty sure she was still asleep. I coaxed her up to the pillows again where she grabbed the comforter and covered her head.

Then I was awakened by my dearest tap-tap-tap-tap-tapping my forehead at 6:30 AM. With her face about 2 centimeters away from mine.

I shoved my iPhone at her and got another hour of sleep. Go, technology.

I got everyone up and realized that we were out of milk. So, we all went to Kroger in our pajamas and bedhead. I was That Woman and I so didn't care. I needed Dr Pepper and sinus medicine too badly.

We're all still in our jammies. Milly and I have nose issues. We're going to take it easy today.

You have yourself a good day, too.

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