Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Movie Review and 2012 Previews



Captain America
X-Men First Class

This was a banner year for superhero movies.  I enjoyed every one of these movies but, if pressed to choose, I would take Captain America as my favorite.  That's taking into account my previous deep dislike of Chris Evans so that's saying A LOT.  That man drives me bonkers and I still enjoyed every minute of this movie.  Thor was a pretty movie; not a lot in the way of story but very nice to watch.

No, Jessica, I don't just mean Chris Hemsworth's pectoral muscles.

Although those were very nice.

X-Men did a good job introducing the mutants that I hold so near and dear to my heart.  James McAvoy is a wonderful young Charles Xavier with just the right amount of arrogance and intelligence.  Michael Fassbender is heartbreaking as Erik Lensherr.  I like movies that make me rethink how I feel about villains and this one did.  I really hope they make this into a trilogy to go with the Singer movies.

Super 8


Oh, Jaybrams.  Dude, I really want to like your movies.  I liked Alias...the first two seasons and some select episodes of the remaining seasons.  Star Trek made me weep with geeky tears of joy.  Lost held my attention for more time than many other TV shows.  I'm enjoying Person of Interest but we'll talk about that later.

I just couldn't get into Super 8.  Kids that know a secret!  Single dad who wants to know the truth!  The military is hiding something!  The girl is gonna kiss him!  WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!

Honey, please just let M. Night Shyamalan be M. Night Shymalan and go back to working on the Star Trek sequels.


At first I agreed to go see this movie because I knew my husband wanted to see it.  Math and baseball combined?  Dude, my husband is THERE.  I actually ended up liking it.  Good story, easy to follow during the technical parts and awesome actors.  I would gladly watch this movie again and I'm even considering skimming the book sometime.
Cowboys and Aliens
The Muppets
Sherlock Holmes
Iron Lady

These are all movies that came out in 2011 that I have not yet gotten to see but have every intention of watching.


John Carter

Dude.  Duuuuuuuuuuuuude.  This movie is going to be so cool.  The movie is based on A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs who also created Tarzan.  The story is basically about a Confederate veteran who is mysteriously taken to Mars and caught in a battle with two races of Martians.

How can that NOT sound interesting?!

The Hunger Games

I've already talked about how much I enjoyed the books and I only have one thing to say about the movies.


Don't lighten it up.  Don't pretty up Katniss.  Don't take out too much.  Don't make Cinna overwhelming.  Don't make the Arena any less terrifying.

Just let it be.

The Avengers

Sweet mother of all that is Holy and Geekified.  "Looking forward to this movie" cannot convey all of my emotions.  Every time I watch the trailers, I get goosebumps and I squeal.  I analyze screencaps to see what might be important.  I study the backgrounds of the characters.  I'm going into this one READY.

The Dark Knight Rises

"Oh Kelly, another geek movie?"


Chris Nolan is finishing his Batman trilogy.  Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are all amazing in these movies.  Even Christian Bale makes a good Batman and I really never believed that he could.  Anne Hathaway is the sultry Selena Kyle.  This movie is going to rock my argyle socks off.

The Hobbit

I read The Hobbit for the first time when I was in eighth grade and now I have almost the whole book memorized.  Peter Jackson is coming back after 10 years from The Fellowship of the Ring and putting his spin on this glorious tale.  I'll be there to make sure Kili and Fili are as feisty, that Balin is as loyal, that Thorin is as fierce and that The Battle of the Five Armies is as epic as I remember.

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