Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day Out

Two weeks ago, Sophie and Gideon started Mother's Day Out. They go every Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 2.


I now have days where I can make phone calls without Gideon trying to grab it from me and chatter away to the plumber. I can go to the doctor without Sophie picking up every single tongue depressor in the office while I'm getting my ears checked. I can go to the grocery store without filing the cart with kids and having only 1/4 of an inch left for actual food. I go HOURS without listening to Sesame Street songs and tantrums.

The kids are doing well, too. They really need the socialization and the time away from each other. Poor Gideon is usually at the mercy of his somewhat demanding older sister at home. If she's thirsty, she brings me both sippy cups and asks for milk or juice. Then she brings one to him, shoves it in his hands and stares at him until he drinks. At school he gets to do things his way. If he wants to play with trucks, then he plays with trucks. His teachers adore him and swoop him up every morning as soon as he gets there. He cries a little each morning but fine after a few minutes. He's loving it.

Meanwhile, Sophie is learning that she is OK if Mama is not there during the day. It's actually the first time I've seen her frightened. She's usually such a strong and determined little thing. When we pull into the parking lot, Sophie's eyes fill with tears but she doesn't make a sound. She walks beside me and goes right to her classroom. The crying gets worse as we get closer. She always turns around and lets me hug and kiss her. Still, while I know she trusts me and she knows that I'll come back, I can see that she's scared. It's very much like what I used to do when I was a kid. It's probably going to be a problem every year she goes to school. My Mama was able to teach me how to overcome my fears and I know that I can help Sophie. Her teachers describe her as "emotional". She doesn't cry all day but she's still struggling. It's going to take some time. It's a little odd to look at her and see a tiny mirror of myself.

Milly and I are having fun together. I get to spend quality time with my newborn. I was really missing that. I got that with Sophie because she was my first. When Gideon was born, Ben was at home and was able to help me get that newborn time. Now I'm able to get that with Milly.

I'm so grateful for each of my kids. Even if they do drive me nuts every now and then.

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  1. So, so happy about this for you. I completely understand how important and FUN that newborn time is. Yay! And great for Sophie and Gideon too...Love you friend!