Sunday, July 13, 2014


Rory has started an annoying habit. Whenever I pick her up from MDO, she begins looking and asking for Daddy.

"Dada? *glance* Daaa-DAH!"
"Nope, just Mama. Remember me?"
*shoves my face out of the way*
"Dada! Dada! DadadadadadadaDAH!"
"That whole 'giving birth' thing meant nothing to you, didn't it?"

She continues this sing-song Dada thing for the 2 hours it takes to go and pick up her siblings and bring them home. Finally we get inside and I set her down in front of her favored person and tell him that she's been asking for him. He picks her up gleefully.

"Hi sweetheart!"
*blank look*
*lean out of his arms*
*claw her way to the floor*
*race to me*
*climb onto my lap*
*rolls on me like a puppy*

We can't win.

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