Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Moving On

I have three blog drafts from January on here. Maybe I'll eventually come back to them. Life just gets in the way.

Today, I'm watching Milly and Gideon eat yellow cheese sticks and act silly in front of Mickey in Wonderland. We're waiting for Milly's bus to come and take her to school. It's the last week of school. She's done such a great job in just a short amount of time.

Gideon has his 3-hour ABA assessment this afternoon so I have to keep him busy until we leave at 1:30.

Selfies are a good distraction.

The miserable teething baby is starting to act a little sleepy. FINALLY. Maybe she'll nap. (Please, sweet baby Jesus...)

I'm ready for a summer with the possibility of a few days to myself. Days where I can sit quietly and actually hear myself think. Days where I can work in the kitchen without the threat of tripping over two or three small bodies. Days where I can leisurely scrub a toilet without worrying that someone is eating the walls or a book.

Days where I might be able to write.

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