Friday, November 30, 2012

We Need More Glitter

Remember how insistent I was that we were having another boy? How I lorded it over Ben that I had known - not just guessed - with the others and I was right again? The boasting that I was their mother and I knew them before they were fully formed?

Apparently, I got myself mixed up with God.

Apparently, God likes gently toppling over those who get a little grandiose with their thoughts.

We poked, prodded and twirled that kid around to get a look at every angle. I finally believed her when she turned the baby upside down and spread eagle and said "Kelly, if it was there then it would be dangling."

Well...alright then. We're having another beautiful little girl! That makes 3 girls and one very spoiled Little Prince. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. 3 girls?!? That's A LOT of drama. That's a lot of pink. MY SISTER IS ALREADY TALKING ABOUT MORE TUTUS.

Since I was so set on another boy, we're lacking in the baby girl name department. My only rule is that the name not start with "D" to avoid people calling her DeeDee. Ben has a much more extensive process.
  • No Welsh ("Come back with more vowels.")
  • No Shakespeare ("Ophelia died after going bat-crap crazy!")
  • No obviously sci/fi, fantasy or comic book related ("We are not naming her 'River' or 'Willow' so stop asking.")
  • Nothing too common ("We already have Sophie.")
  • Meaning is something good ("Mara means 'bitter'. Try again!")
  • Must sound like a regular girl ("'Agnes' sounds like an old lady and 'Eden' sounds like a stripper!")
  • Nothing that sounds too country-specific ("WOW, that's Irish/Jewish/German.")
We have our work cut out for us.

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