Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Pros and Cons of a 6 Month Old

Pro: She only drinks formula. I never have to fret and decide about what she's going to eat or not eat.
Con: She spits up 19 gazillion times after each bottle. Almost always all over me. ON PURPOSE. (Seriously, she turns away from the burp cloth or rips off the bib and aims for my pants.)

Pro: She nurses to sleep delicately against me. There is nothing like a contented, sleeping baby cuddled on my chest.

Con: She only naps in 20 minute stretches and then acts like a cranky tiger after playing for another 20 minutes. Ferber himself would walk out saying "Dude, I have no idea."

Pro: She is my first child with hair! Beautiful, wonderful hair since birth!
Con: Cradle cap. Ew.

Pro: She makes funny faces.

Con: She's probably about to yack on the carpet. Seriously, this kid has no constitution.

Pro: She's my most contented and easy going baby. So far her sister has peed on her face and her brother has stepped on her face in shoes and she was fine minutes after each incident. Nothing really makes her mad.

Con: Except teeth. (Which you can barely see in the picture.) They are coming in one at a time and slower than molasses.

I think I'll keep her. And possibly buy stock in Resolve and Shout.

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