Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Potty Training Tears

Potty Training Boot Camp Day Two was a lot like Day One. There were a gazillion tries on the potty with no results. There was a giant diaper after her nap. There was a 45 minute tantrum on the potty when I refused to put a diaper on her and she just could not hold it any longer. There was an accident all across the floor when she was exhausted and angry and just done with the day. (On Day One, she had the same kind of accident but walked over her sister who was on a blanket on the floor. Poor Milly got caught in the crossfire.)

Today began Day Three. She started doing the Potty Dance around 10:00 and I took her into the bathroom. The tears, screams and tantrum started almost instantly. She sat on the potty and started holding it as much as she could. I held her hands and firmly told her that she had to go.

She cried.

I didn't budge.

She screamed.

I didn't budge.

She cried, screamed, tore at her hair, tried to lunge off of the potty and generally became hysterical.

I didn't budge.

She peed in the potty and then threw up all over me.

I cleaned us up and declared Potty Training over.

Sophie is aware of how to use the potty. Sophie will decide when she is ready to use the potty. Not me, not her father, not her Grandma, not anyone on this Earth will be able to force her to go before she is ready to make that choice. She will wear training diapers and I will take her to the potty every morning, night and at least every 2 hours. If something happens, great. If nothing happens, no big deal. If it keeps her out of certain classes then we'll find something else for her to do.

If people think that this is my fault, FINE.
If people think that my child is retarded or autistic, FINE.

I've already beaten myself to Hell and back over this. I know Sophie better than anyone else on this planet. I know that God has Sophie curled into His palm. She is healthy and wonderful. Sophie will be fine.


  1. Don't EVEN stress about this. Sophie has her own unique set of challenges, and this really isn't a big deal in the long run. Strong willed children are a tremendous blessing in the long run. Just so you know - my oldest was three when he started to show an interest. He was four before it was over. Several on my nieces didn't train until four. It's all going to be ok.

  2. I do not know any healthy, non-potty-trained adults. She will learn in her own time. Momma knows best : )